Jen René

I remember when I graduated from college my aunt told me that if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life … she might be onto something!

I started looking for yoga in 2003 while working a job I didn’t really like in a city I didn’t really want to live in. I felt this inexplicable draw to yoga and sought out a nearby studio. What started as a desire to fill a spiritual void soon became so much more. Before I knew it I was in over my head into yoga!

Although I have dabbled in various styles of yoga, Ashtanga has always felt like home. Since 2007 I have been a devoted Ashtanga student. My practice and my teaching are mainly influenced by Tim Miller, but I’ve had many great teachers in my life and many sources of inspiration.

After a few unsuccessful attempts at holding down corporate jobs, I decided to focus on teaching Mysore – because that’s where my heart is. You’ll find me almost every morning at Flow Yoga Center in Washington, DC directing the Ashtanga Dispatch Mysore Program.

As a teacher I try to instill in my students devotion, faith, and enthusiasm. But maybe the greatest lesson I can teach them is not to take themselves too seriously and to have fun with their practice.

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